🏎️Born to speed, Tag Heuer Formula 1 Aston Martin (CAZ101P) ⌚ — mini review

All you may need to know about this eye catching timepiece, its detail, price in market, and basical legit checking.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAZ101P.FC8245
Lego 76910 and Tag Heuer F1.

ag Heuer is one of the brand 🇨🇭, I’d like to have such for a long long time, especially Formula 1 series. At that time, I choose Tissot chornograph instead because it’s an automatic watch and stunning package. Comparing to $1000–1100 Heuer F1 watch, at this price point you can have only a quartz movement. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with the quartz. I just prefer the feeling of mechanical movement in chassis when wearing.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 caz101p
Open box 📦
Tissot T-Race Moto GP T027.414.16.051.00
Occasionally wearing my Tissot T-Race Moto GP T027.414.16.051.00 from 2014 or 2013.

Speed is a great asset 💨

Some how Formula 1 serie is just come back to my sight again since it has a partnership with British super car manufacturer, Aston Martin, and come out with couple edition of watches. Honestly, I’m not that a big fan of British sport car, but the design and colour catch my eyes. It’s good to see a stainless steel case with a notched steel bezel. The black matte aluminium ring with a tachymeter scale are pretty cool. I’m fascinated by black/grey dial watch, plus “bright lime” highlights on dial such as, a long hand of central chronograph, inner minuterie indicator, and of course the Aston Martin wings logo which made it’s more exciting but not too catchy. 🏎 ️

Paper and warranty card in the box.

⏱️A tachymeter is a type of watch complication used to measure the speed at which the watch’s wearer travels over a fixed period of time. For easily example, If you are in a car and start moving (and using this watch’s function). Then you arrive another point by range 1 kilometer, and stop the watch. The hand is at 6 or 120 on tachymeter scale, that means you moved 120 KM/hr.

Pack shot from http://www.threec.jp/sys/30639/
Another sibling model, automatic movement with model number:CAR2A1AB.FT6163. This cool guy has a cost atleast 3x than the unit we are talking. Picture from Jackrod website.

All great achievements require time ⏳

I’d say a sizing is on average for chornograph watch, 43 mm dial. It’s topped by a flat sapphire crystal as you should expected from this price level. Hiding the quartz movement by a solid case back that has been engraved with a special edition Aston Martin Racing decoration. This is not a limited edition so there is no unique number written. Stainless steel case is not that light, however you can firmly feel how rugged it is from this Swiss brand.

Box, case back, and buckle.

Moving to an imporatant part, the watch face easily represent the current second hands sub dial at 3 o’clock, while a 1/10th-second chrono counter at 6 o’clock and a 30 minute totalizer at 9 o’clock. Small date window is showing at 4 o’clock with no magnifier. Some may love a clean watch face or dial but I’m a person who likes a messy dial like this. Although in daily use case, I find myself never have much a chance to use it at all. But you know it’s a good feeling to have, right?😂

The things that we love tell us what we are 🤟

The combination between black and “bright Lime” will give you a sporty style. It looks like this lime accented design is one thing to represent Aston Martin as a flavorite brand colour. Other luxury sport car brands may have its hero theme, like McLaren will be black and Papaya Orange, Ferrari for Black and Red, Lamborghini for Black and perhaps Yellow. Mostly black/dark grey colour will represent the hidden hardness and taciturnity while bright colour will stay for excitement. Anyway this Black shade and small Lime Green is looking great for me and on my wrist.🤩

The watch also offers a bespoke black leather strap, it is a good quality one, not too soft and not too hard. The shaped strap also features bright lime stitching which I think it fits perfectly with dial design. Anyway for long run using, I’m not sure it’s going to be faded or not.

Lume watch comparison among three, powered by backlight.

Places for buying 🏪

Since it released since 2018, It’s not easy to find the new one. I can see the availability in websites such as chrono24, ebay and some reseller/secondhand shops. For myself, I got this watch as a “used like new” with full set from Japan online store (Rakuten), after been watching for couple months.

📦The price is approximately 11x,xxx Yen, which should be an average in the market for a full set of A or AB condition in Japan. Fortunately, Japanese currecny at that time is dramtically depreciate (due to Covid-situation and earthquake). That means it’s cheaper than I expect almost 10%. Anyhow it’s in my hand, I would say it’s in very good condition, come with everything and warranty card. I’m not sure for other models but this one only covered for 2 years, and now it’s expired.😥

In fact it’s not a cheap watch, especially running with quartz movement under the hood. Still, I love its design and colour, I don’t feel regreat at all. Hence if you are interested in an iconic sport car design and detailed watch with a little bit messy dial perhaps… All of this is a good combination for me and I would say this is a “dope”👍👍

Buy the seller✔️

For secondhand items, the seller should be the first thing you carefully consider to deal a business. Always do some homework by checking his rating & background. Then move to pricing, you can easily find approximate price range by google. 🚧Importantly, if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t real, so be aware.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAZ101P

Beside from the appearance of the watch, another thing I’d highly recommend you to check Tag Heuer watch is the serial number. It’s a basic way to identify and you can easily find it on the back case or warranty card. Then just put it via this website for a legit checkhere ✅. Mostly if the watch comes with warranty card written with purchasing date, it’s definiently fine✨.

The customer warranty website can tell whether the watch is registered or not. If your serial number shows in website, that means it’s legit with warranty period detail. However if it is not exist, be calm, it does not mean your watch will be fake. Optimistically, it may be come from grey market which will be unregisterred on the system by authorise dealer. Somehow, in worst case scenario, it may be an unauthentic one. ❌😥 Nowadays, fake/replica items are very very similar to the real ones so try to buy from a reliable seller is a better choice.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Black Watch — CAZ101P.FC8245
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men’s Black Watch — CAZ101P.FC8245

Spec sheet (Ref. CAZ101P.FC8245):

  • Case: 43mm dial, Stainless steel case and for the back, screw down with Aston Martin decoration
  • Bezel: Ratcheted aluminium with grey tachymeter scale, it’s fixed
  • Movement: Quartz Chronograph
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph : 1/10 second, seconds, 30 minutes counter, Date
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Water Resistance: 200 metres
  • Strap: Black leather with lime stitching
  • RRP: approximately £1,350/$1750
  • Release Date: July 2018

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